Cannabis Lube for Better Sex [7 Day Test]

Cannabis Lube Trial Run

The following is a guest post detailing one woman's experience using Bliss Intimate Oil. Due to the intimate nature of the content, the author's name has been removed. 

When Ananda Hemp invited me to try their Bliss Intimate Oil (their CBD lube) and write about my experience, I was excited for two reasons:

1.) The idea of using cannabis lube to improve my sex life sounded amazing. (although, I hesitate to use the term "lube" - we'll discuss this later on). While my own college pot-smoking days are over, I'm intrigued by the medical breakthroughs discovered via pot's non-intoxicating cousin, cannabidiol (CBD).

If Bliss Intimate Oil, which contains 250mg of CBD, could somehow improve my already-satisfying sex life, I wanted to test it out for myself.

2.) I am a member of the 30% of women who experience pain during sexual intercourse. My pain isn't a medical concern - indeed, much of it can be alleviated through lubrication or longer foreplay.

When there isn't enough time dedicated to foreplay, the vagina cannot produce the amount of lubricant that's necessary to ease penetration. And, some women (like me) simply have less lubrication than others. With less lubrication, the friction of penetration causes discomfort and/or pain during intercourse.

Now, the solution to this pain seems simple enough - just get some lube, right?

Unfortunately, not all lubes are made alike. Ordinary lubes are light, slick, and airy. Natural, vaginal lube is thick, sticky, and gooey. While most ordinary lubes do get the job done, my general experience has never gone beyond satisfactory.

Which leads us to...

My Cannabis Lube Experiment with Bliss Intimate Oil

Thanks to Ananda Hemp, I embarked on a one-week experiment to test the benefits of their cannabis-infused lube. While the Ananda team provided no stipulations (meaning, I was free to write whatever I wanted), my personal goal was to answer three questions:

  • Will Bliss Intimate Oil help me experience less pain during intercourse?
  • Is cannabis-infused lube better than ordinary lube?
  • Will cannabis-infused lube enhance my sexual experiences?

If you're wondering whether you should use cannabis lube to level up your love life, I hope my experience will answer many of your questions. In the following post, I will explain what Bliss Intimate Oil is, how it works, and the results of my one-week experiment.

Bliss Intimate Oil is a cannabis-infused CBD oil that's specifically designed to elevate the sexual experience.

It was created by Ananda Hemp's medical doctor, Dr. Alex Capano, who specializes in cannabis and sexual health. After hearing many complaints from (mostly female) patients about their lackluster sex lives, she set out to create a natural lubricant that would help in intercourse and enhance sensitivity.

Bliss Intimate Oil is specifically designed to elevate the sexual experience.

Bliss Intimate Oil's ingredients include:

  • 250 mg of CBD per bottle
  • Peppermint oil
  • Black pepper
  • Cacao seed butter
  • Coconut oil
  • L-arginine (an amino acid that's used for increasing blood flow)
  • Cetearyl (an alcohol emulsifier that helps prevent the feeling of greasiness)

NOTE: Because oil-based products damage latex, Bliss Intimate Oil should not be used with latex condoms. 

CBD Lube

Why I'm hesitant to Say Cannabis "Lube"

"Cannabis lube" is the colloquial term for cannabis-infused sensual oil. And, technically, the term is correct. Like most intimate lubricants on the market, it can be used to immediately alleviate vaginal dryness.

However, I hesitate to use this term because it's more of a pre-lube. Because cannabis lube contains CBD, it takes time - at least 15 minutes - to receive its full benefits. With most commercial lubes, you can slap on the product then immediately enjoy your sexual entree.

This is not the case for cannabis lube. To get the full experience, it's recommended to first use the product, enjoy at least 15 minutes of foreplay, then continue on to sexual intercourse.

Will cannabis lube get you high?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: While there are cannabis lubes on the market that contain higher amounts of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis), they cannot get you high. At least, not in the traditional sense of the term. The reason for this is because THC, when absorbed through the skin, does not enter the bloodstream.

Because cannabis lube contains CBD, it takes at least 15 minutes to receive its full benefits.

There are many personal accounts of feeling 'euphoric' orgasms while using cannabis lube, but I suspect it's not the same as when smoking a joint before sex.

Is cannabis lube legal?

That depends.

Because the CBD in Bliss Intimate Oil is hemp-derived and the oil contains less than 0.3% THC, it is federally legal across all 50 states. This means you are free to use Bliss Intimate Oil anywhere in the U.S.

If the cannabis lube in question is marijuana-derived, the legality becomes a bit murky. As federal law currently stands, marijuana-derived CBD is always illegal at the federal level. However, because of varying local laws, marijuana-derived CBD may or may not be legal at the state level. Before purchasing marijuana-derived CBD, be sure to always do your research to ensure you're in the clear.

Because Bliss Intimate Oil is hemp-derived, it is legal anywhere in the U.S.

As of today, the following states allow consumers to purchase marijuana-derived CBD, whether for medicinal purposes or recreational (meaning, without a medical card):

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Hemp CBD Lube

During my experiment, I tried the cannabis lube a few different ways to really put it to the test.

On three different days, I used the cannabis lube with intercourse. This included intercourse with foreplay and intercourse without foreplay. I also used the cannabis lube for a partner massage (not a euphemism) and a personal solo experience (definitely a euphemism). For two days during the one-week experiment, I took a break from sex, without the use of intimate oil.

While the Bliss Intimate Oil can be used by anyone, I felt more of its effects than my (male) partner.

Did Bliss Intimate Oil help me experience less pain during intercourse?

Without a doubt, yes.

To be fairly honest, I was skeptical of the product's claims. Considering my extensive experience with using various types of ordinary lubes, I was never impressed with anything on the market. I expected the same to be true of Bliss Intimate Oil.

Lucky for me, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did the intimate oil work well, it also worked during my most challenging moments. For me, discomfort during intercourse is particularly intense without foreplay.

A large part of the pain alleviation was due to the peppermint and black pepper.

I'm sure the alleviated pain was mostly because of the CBD, but I think a large part of the alleviation was also due to the peppermint and black pepper. (My discomfort was gone with and without the required 15 minutes of foreplay). I believe the peppermint and black pepper's cool, tingly sensation helped stimulate the penetration area while the thickness of the oil helped to remove the uncomfortable friction.

Over time, as I became more confident in the intimate oil's ability, penetration became less awkward and uncomfortable. After much disappointment from typical lubes, I felt good about finally being able to relax and fully enjoy my experience.

CBD Hemp Lube

Is cannabis-infused lube better than ordinary lubes?

There are pros and cons to both.

The Bliss Intimate Oil is downright effective at removing vaginal dryness and enhancing sexual stimulation. But, if you're used to buying typical, run-of-the-mill lube, the sticker price might be a bit of a shock. At two ounces, each bottle of Bliss Intimate Oil costs about $60. For comparison, a typical bottle of ordinary lube costs less than $10.

Ordinary lubes are less expensive, but also made with toxic ingredients. Ananda Hemp's Bliss oil is made with all plant-based ingredients.

The intimate oil also has a bit of an earthy smell that can be off-putting at first. But, as I continued to use the product, I got used to the hemp smell and it no longer bothers me.

Overall, Bliss Intimate Oil is just a well-made product. There may be comparable non-cannabis infused products on the market, but - so far - I haven't seen any.

Did the cannabis-infused lube enhance my sexual experiences?

Yes, but perhaps not in the way that you think. I didn't suddenly experience multiple orgasms that lasted beyond 15 minutes. And, that's perfectly fine.

However, the pain alleviation part is a big deal - this alone makes the product completely worth it. Because I am confident in the intimate oil's ability to remove discomfort, I can relax and not have to work as hard to stay mindful and focused. Those uncomfortable penetration moments are no longer a part of my sexual experience.

My general experience with the cannabis lube was quite positive. Once my sample bottle is finished, I look forward to purchasing the product for myself. Prior to my one-week experiment, I had no intention of leveling up my lube game. Instead, I simply accepted intercourse discomfort as an unfortunate truth of sex. Lucky for me, I'm now introduced to the magic of cannabis-infused lubricant and I anticipate it will become a mainstay in my sex life.

For more questions about Bliss Intimate Oil, feel free to reach out to the Ananda Hemp team and purchase your own bottle here.