Hemp Protein [Antibodies + Health]

Everyone knows the human body needs calcium to form strong bones. But did you know the body needs a specific type of protein to make antibodies?Here’s the kicker - this type of protein is only found in two foods: egg whites and hemp protein.

We are talking about globular protein. A weird name - but dubbed so because of the spherical or globe-like structure of the protein. 

Globular protein is crucial - antibodies, enzymes, hormones, insulin, hCG - all globular proteins. 

Now, that’s not to say that if you never eat egg whites or hemp protein that your body can’t produce antibodies - it just takes a lot more work. Antibodies are various sequences of 110+ amino acids, and if needed, the body can pull these amino acids from other dietary protein sources and create antibodies that way.

But with hemp protein and egg whites, you give your body a shortcut - direct access to the perfect protein type for antibody production. 

Hemp protein has two distinct advantages over egg whites: it is a plant, meaning it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians. And two, hemp protein has a particular type of globular protein known as ‘globular edestin.’ Hemp is the only food on Earth with globular edestin protein. 

What is Globular Edestin?

Globular edestin is among the most bioavailable (think easy to digest) proteins on the planet (91-98% digestible). This fact is a massive deal for those on a plant-based diet, as vegetable protein tends to have much lower bioavailability than animal protein.

We’d all like sufficient antibody levels these days. Daily intake of hemp protein is the number one way to ensure that happens. 

Ananda Hemp Chocolate Protein + Maca

If you’re still not convinced that you need more hemp in your life, check out the other nutrients in this one-of-a-kind superfood:

  • 20 Amino Acids (including the nine essentials) 
  • Omega-3/6/9 EFAs
  • Dietary Fiber (80% soluble/20% insoluble) 
  • Manganese 
  • Magnesium (75% RDA per serving!) 
  • Zinc (incredible for the immune system - and rare in food) 
  • Iron 
  • B Vitamins (vital for energy production, metabolism, and nervous system) 
  • Vitamin E 

The only plant which contains more protein is soy – but soy also contains trypsin inhibitors, which impair digestion (not to mention the undesirable hormone effects).

What else? It’s not just the globular edestin we’re excited about. Hemp also contains albumin - the substance which makes up over 80% of our blood plasma. Want to give a boost to your blood plasma? Eat hemp.

Remember how we said that insulin is a globular protein? So imagine if there was a food you could eat that gave your body a direct fuel source to your pancreas to produce insulin. Yep, it’s hemp.This is why hemp protein is terrific for stabilizing blood sugar and eliminating sugar cravings. 

Hemp Protein for Virus Control

Here’s a scenario many are faced with - you contract an infection, and your body tries to ramp up the production of antibodies - yet lacks the materials to do so. When your body can’t make enough antibodies, the virus wins and you get sick.

It is difficult not to get caught up in the chaos and focus on the negative. These days, we are consumed with the possibility of harmful microbes everywhere, and a nearby cough or sneeze garners much more attention and concern than in days past.

But what if we spent a little more time in the light, thinking of ways to achieve personal empowerment, fortifying our defenses into an impenetrable fortress. The power of hemp can provide much-needed aid to those tiny cells fighting against harmful microbes on the frontlines.

Ananda Hemp Chocolate Protein + Maca

The best part is that you don't need a prescription or appointment to start building your own antibodies right now. Hemp protein is one of the most complete, bioavailable, and nutrient-dense foods on the planet - and readily available. 

While the global health situation looks uncertain for the foreseeable future, you can take control of your health by making small adjustments to your diet that will have a great impact on your overall health in the long run. Not a bad bonus that hemp is a sustainable and carbon-sequestering crop!

To your health and happiness, always!