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Ananda Hemp is a proud subsidiary of Ecofibre Ltd, the world's leading innovator of hemp technologies. Founded in 2001, Ecofibre maintains Earth's most extensive private cannabis seed bank and repository of exclusive cannabis genetics, gathered from nearly every continent.

Over the past 20 years, Ecofibre has maintained breeding programs in conjunction with world-class universities and organizations to develop certified hemp genetics that leads the development of hemp food, fiber, and therapeutics.

Ananda Hemp has worked with top universities worldwide to advance our understanding of hemp, and take full advantage of its incredible versatility.

Charles Sturt University
University of South Queensland
University of Florida
Victoria Department of Primary Industries
University of Sydney
University of Hawai'i
Southern Cross University
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
University of Tasmania
University of Kentucky
Murdoch University
North Dakota State University
North Australian Research and Development Institute
Universidad do la Republica Uruguay
Australian National University
University of Adelaide
Northern Territory Government

Our Top 5 Cultivars

Developed without genetic modification to grow and thrive in the United States.

ECO-MS77 Hemp Strain


ECO-MS77 is a robust dual-purpose diecious variety of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) bred for a longer internode length than ‘ECO-CHG’, high vegetative force, great capability of adaptation, greater TSW (30 - 32g) and very low cannabinoid (THC and other cannabinoids) content. This variety bred in Australia using a recurrent selection method and is suited to a wide range of latitude (5 – 53) for fiber production.

Hemp Strain ECO-Excalibur


ECO-Excalibur is a diecious and relatively early maturity industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) variety suited for grain production in mid – high latitudes. This high-yielding variety matures in 100 to 115 days. This variety was bred using population breeding-recurrent selection method to pyramid higher grain yield and shorter maturity window. This is a female predominant variety with an occasional occurrence of monoecious plants.

ECO-CHG Hemp Strain


ECO-CHG is a late dioecious fibre variety of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) suited for fiber production across a wide range of latitudes (5 – 53). This variety is known for its unique characteristics such as high biomass, high fiber content, and later maturity.

Hemp Strain ECO-CHY


ECO-CHY is a grain variety of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) bred in Australia for higher seed yield and low THC content that is suited for production in sub-tropical environments. This variety has desired traits for commercial grain yield in sub-tropical environments. It’s unique canopy structure allows commercial farming of this variety at lower planting density and is suitable for row cropping. 

ECO-CHA Hemp Strain


ECO-CHA is dual-purpose variety of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) suited for grain production in low/mid-range latitudes (15 to 30) and is earlier than ECO-CHG and ECO-MS77. This variety has desired traits for commercial yields of both fiber and seed in sub-tropical and tropical regions compared to other accessions.  


Designed for the Innovative Farmer

Producing the highest quality hemp that thrives takes more than ideal weather conditions - like an ecosystem and perfect harmony of humidity, temperature, nutrient-rich soil, and sunshine that only exists in one latitudinal region across the globe.

Most certified hemp varietals have been developed for Northern latitude acclimation, meaning they simply won't work in the US. However, the latitudes where we developed our genetics in Australia are the same distance from the equator as our farms in the US.

Ananda Hemp Germplasm Collections Sites and Research Institutions

OECD Certified Hemp Strains

The only company that's developed OECD Certified hemp in southern latitudes.

Ecofibre Texas Hemp Genetics Projects

Texas Hemp Fiber Project

We are working with Texan farms looking to establish a hemp fiber business and in search of quality fiber genetics suitable for their region. The primary purpose of this season’s crop was to establish varietal suitability for the area, look at the agronomy aspects specific to the hemp, and monitor/record crop performance. We then plan to use yield data and emerging business opportunities to develop a long-term seed supply agreement into this region and the US in general.

Several articles are currently doing the rounds, stating there are no suitable fiber varieties for the large areas of the US, particularly southern regions, and we are proving how wrong that is!

Ecofibre Texas Hemp Genetics Projects

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