Why Ananda?

Ananda Hemp maintains one of the largest inventories and supply chains of Hemp, CBD and raw materials in the United States. We have enough raw product in stock that we have over 5 years of supply. Each year we are producing even more to add to our inventory. Our advantage is that we control every stage of the process. We don't rely on other supplies for raw materials, hemp, CBD or processing - we do it all in house!

Our quality process includes:

  • It all starts with our massive seed banks and cultivars of hemp. Our impressive seed genetics are based on over 20 years of research on the best variety of seeds.
  • Our propriety seeds set the stage for our completely all-natural farming process in Kentucky, USA. No chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are ever used on our products.
  • Once our crops are harvested the raw materials are processed on-site in Kentucky in one of the world's most state-of-the-art production facilities and laboratories. We are SO proud of our facility we invite Doctors, business owners, & researchers to tour the facility on a regular basis. Contact us today if you would like a tour. Due to capacity restrictions, our tours are not open to individual consumers, but for a couple events per year.
  • Our products are then thoroughly tested for quality and consistency both internally and with external labs. Quality is the key. Many CBD and hemp products are imported or do not follow stringent quality control processes.
  • Finest quality product then is packaged and delivered to pharmacists, whole food stores, doctors, practitioners, and many other retailers.

Other manufacturers

We are currently not selling raw product to other manufacturers.

Contact us

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Pharmacy Owners

We have a professional line created exclusively to serve independent pharmacies. Please visit AnandaProfessional.com for your hemp and CBD product needs.

Ananda Professional

Pharmacy owners can call (888) 388-1119 for assistance.