• Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Direct from our Farms

    Quality-tested by Independent Labs

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    Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Direct from our Farms

    Quality-tested by Independent Labs

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20 Years in Hemp

Our parent company, Ecofibre Ltd. is one of the oldest and largest hemp development companies in the world. Ecofibre Ltd. owns the world's largest private cannabis seed bank consisting of 300+ cultivars gathered from nearly every continent on the planet. A publicly traded entity, Ecofibre farms processes and markets hemp-based products on several continents.

Certified Kentucky Grown

We have deep roots in Kentucky, where soil and climate create optimal conditions for growing hemp outdoors, under natural sunlight and rainfall. We have contracted our hemp farming with generational farmers since 2014. We always use organic growing practices and never use pesticides, herbicides, or GMO's.

Tested for Quality and Safety

Every product sold is third-party tested by ISO-certified labs to ensure quality and safety, with results available via our COA Lookup Tool. We meticulously test for microbial safety, residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals, while offering one of the most robust and transparent traceability platforms in the entire hemp and CBD industry.

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How much CBD oil should you take? We answer this complicated question by discussing all the variables you need to consider when determining how much CBD to take.

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"Clearly leaders in their field. Knowledgeable, friendly, experienced staff with the right seed genetics and international collaborations in place to ensure success in the hemp industry for all involved in their operations."


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Truly wonderful!!

"Truly wonderful to see a full plant product like this containing so many other helpful cannabinoids other than just CBD. Everyone seems to be solely focused on CBD and the other very helpful aspects of the plant are often ignored. These can provide relief and help in so many ways other than just from CBD. The healing potential of your products is incredible. Thank you so much!".


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