Cannabis Industry Pioneers Visit Ananda Hemp Farm

When the world's most renowned pioneers in the cannabis industry get excited about a product, it's time to pay attention, and that's just what happened when Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly and Dr. Charles Pollack visited our hemp farm in Cynthiana, Kentucky.



Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly rose to prominence when he became the director of the Marijuana Project. He has 35 years of experience and operates the only DEA-approved source of resource marijuana in the United States.

Dr. Charles Pollack is one of the leading voices at the Lambert Center at Thomas Jefferson University, where they are educating the next wave of Cannabinoid Therapy doctors.

These hemp pioneers were in awe when they witnessed our world-class operations. We have the most sophisticated operations including the ability to track each product specific batch back to the exact lot of crude oil we extracted, including the date of extraction, where it was grown and where in Australia the seed was propagated. This cutting edge, multi-continental platform is an industry first.

Dr. ElSohly believes that science has only scratched the surface on what other cannabinoids can do and is confident that everyone can benefit in some way from this miracle crop.

While research is a critical component, education plays an equally important role.According to Dr. Pollack, in order to make physicians more comfortable, we have to improve evidence-based cannabinoid therapy by looking at cannabinoids from all sources. "We're trying to take full advantage of the renewable diversity of this plant."

Hemp's potential expands beyond medicinal purposes. From industrial uses to food purposes, hemp is a very significant crop in the United States.

The future of industrial hemp will happen at the Ananda Hemp Farm in Cynthiana, Kentucky...and that's a great American farming story.


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