CBD Hits Target and Misses

Target's announcement to carry CBD oil online was met with great fanfare.

Shortly after the product was online, they removed the products from their digital shelves. Naturally, this confused many CBD enthusiasts. Some independent-minded CBD consumers wondered why is the Target news gaining great attention?

After all, smaller stores have been facing the same struggles on a constant scale. What if you found out that all of these problems are interconnected?

Did CBD miss the Target?

While the move by a major retailer to begin stocking any CBD product should be construed a giant boon, slight pessimism is understood. The fact that it didn't last long shouldn't dissuade any CBD advocate.

The legal status of hemp-derived products in America still has an ambiguous cloud over it. While payment processors ranging from PayPal to Mastercard to Visa have been asked to process payment for CBD and related goods, it's still a risk.

Why? Well, because the DEA and state agencies tell the public conflicting information about CBD.

Whether it's the Indiana State Excise Police or the Nebraska Attorney General, multiple authorities are still ignoring key sections of the 2014 Farm Bill. While costly legal battles have been won in favor of CBD, the additional product cost becomes a risk for newer and larger mainstream partners.

Smaller retailers than Target have butted heads with these agencies and lost product in the struggle. For example, Fresh Thyme losing their CBD inventory for two months after a raid by the Indiana State Excise Police.

So, while Target took an active interest in the health concerns of their consumers, this decision is about more than them. That's why Ananda Hemp and related hemp producers support the passage of legislation such as the 2017 Industrial Hemp Farming Act.

While the 2014 Farm Bill helped birth an industry, the time has come to grant hemp producers their independence. If prior legislation makes the accepted assertion that CBD isn't Marijuana, then such truth must be acknowledged at all government levels.


CBD and retail sales - Target


The Future of Retail CBD

CBD has a thriving community of independent and small chain retailers actively supporting the hemp revolution. But, whether it's the local vape shop or Target, nothing exists alone in the world of retail.

Payment processors, investors and operational boards need to have certain federal assurances. Otherwise, well-meaning stores like Target will keep running into these same issues.

Unfortunately, this means that the potential audience for CBD is being limited. For every informed consumer that finds the right shop or online source, there will be several others that suffer silently. No one wants that.

Whether it's Ananda Hemp, CW Hemp or Target; we all share in the wellness interest of our consumers. That is why no CBD advocate can give up the fight.

All CBD producers and retailers succeed when the Federal Government clearly defines our shared product. To learn more about the impending legislation, read about it on the Act's Congressional page.

This information is presented for educational purposes only. Ananda Hemp developed this information to provide an understanding of the potential applications of cannabinoids. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.