CBD Political Profile: Mitch McConnell

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been a tremendous ally to Industrial Hemp in KY. While McConnell didn't initially take a stance in favor of Industrial Hemp, he was won over by efforts from Senator Rand Paul and then KY AG Commissioner James Comer.

Industrial Hemp was an issue with bipartisan support. The Democrats supported any measure that provided wellness and care to citizens. Whereas, the Republicans took solace in helping improve the economics of farming.

It was one of those rare win-win scenarios. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell took his biggest stand for KY Industrial Hemp when he helped to liberate DEA seized hemp seeds that flew into the UPS wing of the Louisville International Airport.

While the DEA wanted to make KY farmers wait 6 months for the proper licensing, Senator McConnell stood up to the bureaucracy and helped get one of KY's first hemp crops planted on-time.

Currently, Senate Leader McConnell is helping to pass the 2017 Industrial Hemp Farming Act. Senator McConnell, CBD consumers of the world salute you!

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