Cigarette Wars

What is Cigarette Wars?

6 years ago, CNBC launched a one-hour documentary looking at the rapid changes facing the Tobacco Industry. Now in 2017, one of the documentary's stars is at the forefront of the Hemp Revolution. What inspired farmers to go from selling tobacco in emerging markets to helping to pioneer the rise of Industrial Hemp?

Cigarette Wars spotlighted in an industry in decline

The initial answers can be found in the 2011 documentary, "Cigarette Wars". The tobacco industry was losing its government support and initial user base. While smokers were found in China and other areas, it wasn't enough. Towards the start of the documentary, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg states that tobacco growers should find a new line of work. Furnish pivoted on this statement and found a smooth transition to hemp.

Cigarette Wars highlighted the need for hemp

While many other articles at Ananda Hemp talk about the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, it's important to understand its groundbreaking nature. When "Cigarette Wars" aired in 2011, it was signaling the Apocalypse for Tobacco and its farmers. Now, hemp brings hope.

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We welcome the opportunity to have CNBC come back to Kentucky and see the new crops that Mr. Furnish has yielded with Ananda Hemp. The times are a' changin' and they're changing for the better.

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