Exercising With CBD

Can You Exercise While Taking CBD?

We are asked this question frequently. However, a better question would be why aren't you already taking CBD to improve your regular exercise routine and results?

The full spectrum difference found in Ananda Hemp provides rare cannabinoids responsible for helping your body repair and rejuvenate itself. These processes could help you recover from intense workouts in order to prepare for the next one more effectively. They may also contribute to a decrease overworked and sore muscles so that you are feel more prepared for each challenge during your regimen.

In addition to physical improvements, cannabinoids help our dndocannabinoid system better regulate the hunger/reward mechanism within our brains. This mental process enables a person to better control their appetite and cravings which could aid in more effective weight management.

It is also important to note Ananda Hemp products are non-psychoactive. Unlike supplements and diet pills that contain caffeine and other chemicals, the all-natural approach provided by a hemp extract product provides a jitter-free boost that won't keep you up at night.

In addition to simply using the tincture and pill options, a great alternative would be to use our topical salve on sore muscles, making your post-workout recovery more tolerable.