Hemp Helps Cynthiana

How can Industrial Hemp save a small central Kentucky town? Many in America's Heartland view any possible narcotic as a societal scourge.

What they fail to realize is how hemp supported America from its birth through the heady days of World War II. The Bluegrass was a pioneer in manufacturing hemp products that saved lives and clothed our communities. Cynthiana is one of America's last bastions of bravery daring to reclaim their farming freedom.

The small town of Cynthiana had the land and opportunity to expand past cash crops of old. While many in Kentucky still hold onto the ghost of Tobacco, Harrison County's brave farmers saw the opportunity for prosperity. While not every city struck out early like Cynthiana, that pioneering hemp spirit is making its way through the Bluegrass. Visit Ananda Hemp and learn what's happening in this tiny farming community.

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