Kentucky Outlook: August 7th 2013

The Kentucky Outlook on Industrial Hemp

Early in the road to Industrial Hemp returning to Kentucky, Ag Commissioner James Comer sat down with Kentucky Outlook to discuss the push for hemp.

If tobacco was dying in 2011 during the CNBC broadcast of 'Cigarette Wars', it was dead in 2013.

James Comer: Bringing Kentucky Hemp Back

The show on WKU's PBS affiliate was a means of establishing the best foot forward. Kentucky AG Commissioner James Comer provides the financial stats and acknowledgment of hemp product infrastructure.

If the rest of the country was wise to kick around the idea, then why won't Kentucky capitalize on their ability to grow hemp?



Hemp in Kentucky


Why does this interview matter?

What makes this interview so key in the history of hemp legalization is that it worked in a rural setting. The first steps to the Hemp Revolution involved downplaying the hemp stigma that arose during Prohibition. American farming needs solutions and hemp is willing to provide them.

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