PBS Newshour - Why Kentucky Farmers are Quitting Tobacco

Why did PBS Newshour visit Kentucky?

PBS Newshour visited Kentucky to discuss the initial push to legalize hemp in Kentucky. The interviews focused on Ag Commissioner James Comer and allowed for talking points to reach an educated audience.

Clips were shown of KY State Police Commissioner voicing his support for the Hemp Prohibition, but PBS pushes harder. If the issue is just trouble identifying the crop, then why doesn't state law enforcement push harder for means of clarification?

What was the historical importance?

Coming as one of the first major media points of coverage after the 2014 Farm Bill passed, this was a chance to establish the mission moving forward. But, due to the time of airing, this video worked more as an initial PR piece rather than a declarative statement.

More importantly, by showing that Kentucky farmers were finally quitting Tobacco...it signaled a culture shift. Many were resistant and fought the slow death of Tobacco as Kentucky's king crop.

But, the time of hemp was emerging. From this period of great change, Ananda Hemp emerged to bring you the greatest hemp products.

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