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Including CBD into your exercise routine may help your workouts be more efficient and tolerable. The full spectrum of cannabinoids found in Ananda Hemp products can help your body repair and rejuvenate itself so recovery isn't so strenuous.
The Industrial Hemp Farming Act was born from the Hemp Industry's growing pains over the last 3 years. While key production states like California, Colorado, and Kentucky have seen immense growth; the results have been varied elsewhere.

Kentucky and Hemp go back a long way. Some of the earliest printed documentation on the state referred to it being a land of hemp. Daniel Boone's earliest adventures took him through the many lush locations that would produce the crop. 

Begin your Ananda Hemp journey by starting with the essentials. From Ananda Hemp's rigorous compliance standards to the hidden potential of hemp, our brand-new infographic brings you the need-to-know basics.