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Terpenes are a fascinating element of nature that have recently gained much attention thanks to the cannabis industry. However, terpenes have been studied for hundreds of years for their medicinal effects. With extensive research, experts believe the effects of terpenes may go beyond therapeutic - to simply miraculous.

Our Fall hemp harvest is here, which means long days for our farmers but in this industry, it's the time we look forward to all year. The crops are full of lush, green plants which will soon be turned into a rich, golden oil. The process is really quite amazing to witness. We answer some commonly asked questions about our harvest process.

When the world's most renowned pioneers in the cannabis industry get excited about a product, it's time to pay attention, and that's just what happened when Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly and Dr. Charles Pollack visited our hemp farm in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

The Industrial Hemp Water Rights Act is being introduced in Congress. While it has passed many committees and been tacked onto a must-pass Energy bill, many consumers still aren't aware of what it will do. 

The auto industry has a love affair with any product that pushes innovation. Car enthusiasts are even onboard with the hemp-based car movement. From the 1940s to the present day, automobile performance drives global imagination. Where did it all begin?

Kentucky and Hemp go back a long way. Some of the earliest printed documentation on the state referred to it being a land of hemp. Daniel Boone's earliest adventures took him through the many lush locations that would produce the crop.