Water Rights and Hemp

Hemp Farms are Losing Water Rights

Hemp needs water to grow. But, there's a catch. Most of the Western states where hemp and marijuana first found a dedicated consumer base, there's a bit of a water crisis.

Specifically, areas that are approved for hemp are being told that watering their crops is federally illegal. Why is that? Well, the Farm Bill only provided for the crops themselves. In federally mandated areas, collected rainwater is not allowed to be dispensed on illegal items.


Hemp and water rights


Agricultural rights are one thing, but who actually controls the water? That's why the Industrial Hemp Water Rights Act is being introduced in Congress. While it has passed many committees and been tacked onto a must-pass energy bill, many consumers still aren't aware of what it will do. Well, the answer is simple.

The Industrial Hemp Water Rights Act Matters

The Industrial Hemp Water Rights Act is closing yet another loophole to hemp production. While it can seem frustrating to have to think this far out about a crop, this is the work that brings hemp closer to public legality.

Local lawmakers are doing their due diligence to solve this debate. But, it's up to CBD advocates to keep hemp independence alive!

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