What is Happening with the 2018 Farm Bill?

There is a lot of speculation circling around about the 2018 Farm Bill. Did the 2014 Farm Bill expire as of last month? Are certain hemp CBD products still legal? Can you still purchase your favorite Ananda Hemp oil?

As you may or may not know, up until last week the hemp community had been patiently awaiting a decision from the Senate/House Conference Committee that would include language in the 2018 Farm Bill to permanently remove hemp (and hemp-derived CBD products) from the Controlled Substances List. Hemp supporters were hopeful that hemp would finally be legal.

However, last week, Pat Roberts, Senate Agriculture Chairman, announced that the "conference negotiations had reached a temporary impasse." He explained that it most likely would not be resolved until the "lame duck" session: the period between November's election and the end of the year.


Status of the 2018 Farm bill and hemp legalization

The 2014 Farm Bill

The previously standing 2014 Farm bill, namely section 7606, defined industrial hemp as "distinct from marijuana and authorized institutions of higher education or state department's of agriculture in states that legalized hemp cultivation to regulate and conduct research and pilot programs".

This is how Kentucky and about 25 other states have been legally manufacturing and producing hemp-derived CBD products.

However, the 2014 Farm Bill, signed in by President Obama, expired on September 30th of this year. This date non-coincidentally became the deadline for the Conference negotiations to reach a decision as to avoid a lapse in the previous Farm Bill.

So if the 2014 Farm Bill expired and the 2018 Farm Bill is delayed, What does this mean for hemp?

Although we have to wait even longer to hear the outcome of the 2018 Farm Bill and whether or not it will contain the language we have all been hoping for (legalizing hemp), Congress has confirmed that the hemp pilot program regime, passed in the 2014 Farm Bill, will remain in place.

This means that Ananda Hemp and companies like ours, manufacturing legal hemp-derived CBD products, will continue with business as usual.

Furthermore, Congress also confirmed that the Appropriations Act, which offered protection for the hemp pilot program from illegitimate intrusion from law enforcement agencies, has also been extended.

So rest assured, you are still able to legally purchase hemp-derived CBD products, like Ananda Hemp in all 50 states. And while the 2018 Farm Bill decision may take somewhat longer than anticipated, we are still hopefully that it will pass in our favor.

How can you get involved?

Many Hemp supporters are hopeful that the passage will be sooner rather than later, but, in the interim, you can get involved by contacting your members of Congress to let them know how you feel about hemp and its legalization.