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When the world's most renowned pioneers in the cannabis industry get excited about a product, it's time to pay attention, and that's just what happened when Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly and Dr. Charles Pollack visited our hemp farm in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

The Medical Cannabis seminar is a didactic experience designed to address the clinical science need for CBD. Recent evidence supporting the use of CBD as alternative therapy will be employed. Most importantly, this is a chance to have a wide array of medical professionals addressing the viable future of CBD. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency has recently announced it won't test for CBD starting January 2018. Synthetics will still be investigated, but this is an excellent PR move for the good name of CBD. While not all professional sports report to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the international reach of the Agency makes this decision into something major.

Target's announcement to carry CBD oil online was met with great fanfare. Shortly after the product was online, they removed the products from their digital shelves. Naturally, this confused many CBD enthusiasts. Some independent-minded CBD consumers wondered why is the Target news gaining great attention? After all, smaller stores have been facing the same struggles on a constant scale. What if you found out that all of these problems are interconnected?

New York is launching an Industrial Hemp Initiative. The program is taking place with the assistance of Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences & SUNY Morrisville. This will be a coalition effort to advance hemp research. 
In September, the director of the DEA resigned. Chuck Rosenberg had been the acting head of the agency but had yet to fully take over the agency. While replacements circle the position, what's important to understand is what this means for CBD moving forward. 
The Industrial Hemp Water Rights Act is being introduced in Congress. While it has passed many committees and been tacked onto a must-pass Energy bill, many consumers still aren't aware of what it will do. 

The 2014 U.S. Farm Bill allows states that have passed their own industrial hemp legislation to grow industrial hemp for purposes of research and development. Section 7606 removes all federal restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp and its classification as a Schedule I controlled substance.

They say at Natural Products Expo East you'll "Find Your Spark"... the spark that gives you inspiration, the spark that drives your passion and the spark that motivates you to get up every day and work in the Natural Products industry. We certainly did, and we captured it all on video.

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been a tremendous ally to Industrial Hemp in KY. While McConnell didn't initially take a stance in favor of Industrial Hemp, he was won over by efforts from Senator Rand Paul and then KY AG Commissioner James Comer.
Representative Thomas Massie is dedicated to the Industural Hemp cause. He is one of many politicians working across party lines to rebuild the agriculture industry in the Bluegress.

Back in the early days, before Ananda Hemp started in earnest, KY AG Commissioner James Comer was one of the key figures in returning hemp to Kentucky. What has James Comer been up to since then? Well, he went to Washington.