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The Bluegrass was a pioneer in manufacturing hemp products that saved lives and clothed our communities. Cynthiana is one of America's last bastions of bravery daring to reclaim their farming freedom.
Including CBD into your exercise routine may help your workouts be more efficient and tolerable. The full spectrum of cannabinoids found in Ananda Hemp products can help your body repair and rejuvenate itself so recovery isn't so strenuous.
The Industrial Hemp Farming Act was born from the Hemp Industry's growing pains over the last 3 years. While key production states like California, Colorado, and Kentucky have seen immense growth; the results have been varied elsewhere.

PBS Newshour visited Kentucky to discuss the initial push to legalize hemp in Kentucky. The interviews focused on Ag Commissioner James Comer and allowed for talking points to reach an educated audience.

Kentucky and Hemp go back a long way. Some of the earliest printed documentation on the state referred to it being a land of hemp. Daniel Boone's earliest adventures took him through the many lush locations that would produce the crop. 

Hemp for Victory was the name of the World War II propaganda campaign to get states producing hemp for the war effort. But, hemp was placed under a strict Prohibition roughly five years before this effort began.

What makes this interview so key in the history of hemp legalization is that it worked in a rural setting. The first steps to the Hemp Revolution involved downplaying the hemp stigma that arose during Prohibition. American farming needs solutions and hemp is willing to provide them.

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CB1 and CB2 receptors are evolved to respond perfectly to anandamide and other endocannabinoids, which seem to help the body maintain balance in many of its systems. But since plant-based cannabinoids fit into the same chemical "keyholes" in the receptors, humans can use them to pick up the slack when our bodies aren't producing enough of the natural equivalent.